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August 2, 2008
Preservation Alert

The Preservation of Important East Vancouver Heritage Sites

In 2007, The City of Vancouver purchased the Heatley Block (1931; 634 East Hastings St.) and two heritage homes (1889 & 1898; 405-419 Heatley St.) with the intention of demolishing the buildings to make way for the new Strathcona library. More information on these buildings can be seen at our Top Ten Heatley Block listing.

The Vancouver School Board recently offered to locate the new library in the 1921 wing of Strathcona School; an option that will contribute to preserving both the Heatley Block and houses and Strathcona School. This solution is in line with the model of creating community service clusters on school grounds to ensure the preservation of The Vancouver School Board's numerous schools. Locating the library at Strathcona School rather than on the Heatley Block would be a major win for heritage and we are encouraging the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Library Board to adopt this option.

The Heatley Block Preservation Society is distributing a petition supporting the preservation of these important heritage sites in East Vancouver.

To sign the petition www.petitiononline.com/heatley/petition.html
To send a e-mail to mayor and council mayorandcouncil@city.vancouver.bc.ca

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